●Application Rules

  • ※ Color photographs only. Composite ones or digitally processed ones are unacceptable.
  • ※ Limited to the original photographs which are still unreleased and whose all copyrights belong to the applicants.
  • ※ The photographs which are the objects of posting/selection are limited to those taken in the area of the Fukushima Kenpoku (Fukushima city, Nihonmatsu city, Date city, Motomiya city, Koori town, Kunimi town, Kawamata town, Ootama village) .
  • ※ Approximately 12 million pixels, "jpg、jpeg" image formats, within 5MG.

●Important Points

  • ・The award-winning works may be used for the websites, printed matters and works etc. related to 4 hotsprings and Fukushima Prefecture. Please apply after obtaining prior approval from the objects (building owners and people).
  • ・In the event of any action that infringes copyrights or publicity rights of others, the sponsor shall have no liability for the troubles related to such action. Additionally, in the case where we found that such works are awarded, such awards may be cancelled.
  • ・Once the photographs are applied, such application cannot be cancelled.
    The application by the photographs that infringes copyrights, the ones which are contrary to public order or morality, or the ones that invade others' privacy, is invalid.
  • ・The applicants shall pay for the Internet connection fee and communication charge.
  • ・Conversion into cash or transfer of the rights of the awards shall be prohibited.
  • ・Participation in this campaign shall be done based on applicants' own judgments and responsibility. In the case where any damage is caused to the applicants upon application, the sponsor shall bear no responsibility for such damage, except for damages arising from willful misconduct or gross negligence.
  • ・The campaign office will never contact the applicants regarding whether to publish the photographs applied via the websites/the ones applied by mail.
  • · In the case of a work deemed to be double entry to other contests, the priority may be lowered at the time of review.

●Copyrights and Personal Information

Copyrights shall belong to the sponsor. The personal information provided shall be used for the work related to this contest, such as notification of judgment and results of the contest, inquiry about the applied photographs, and guide for the next events etc., including publication on the website of this contest and the newsletter of Fukushima Prefecture.

Post image

※It must be under 1200 megapixel "jpg or jpeg" file and under 5MB in size.

Name of the photo
Date of birth
Sex Male Female
Postal Code
Email address
Phone number