Thank you for entering ‘Fukushima Kenpoku Kokoro no Fukei Photo Contest ~ Autumn Season~’ held from September to November 30st (Fri.) in 2018.
Many locals and visitors like tourists or exchange students in Kenpoku joined us!
Our judges, including professional photographers, appreciated every photo and selected 6 to be awarded such as ‘Autumn Fukushima Kenpoku Grand Award’!
Here we will announce the superior works which best depict the ‘spirit’ of Fukushima Kenpoku District.

  • 大賞
  • Grand Award of Fukushima Kenpoku in Autumn
  • 60000 yen worth of accommodation voucher of Fukushima Prefecture

Other than the grand award, we will select 5 prizes that represent the "spirit" of the Fukushima Kenpoku.
As luxurious supplementary prizes, we offer accommodation vouchers for 4 hotspring facilities in the Fukushima Kenpoku and its assorted local products!

  • Award for “Utsukushi”
  • 【Pair Accommodation Vouchers of Takayu Hotspring】
  • Award for “Takumashi”
  • 【Pair Accommodation Vouchers of Dake Hotspring】
  • Award for “Jinomono”
  • 【Pair Accommodation Vouchers of Iizaka Hotspring】
  • Award for “Fureai”
  • 【Pair Accommodation Vouchers of Tsuchiyu Hotspring】
  • Award for “Kawarazu”
  • 【Assorted Local Products of the Fukushima Kenpoku】
  • 秋のふくしま県北大賞


    Comment from judges

    It is a heartwarming work which almost makes one feel the sounds of a pleasant conversation of two people while showing the beauty of the flowers from the northern part of the prefecture.

  • うつくし賞


    Comment from judges

    A work which simultaneously conveys the power of Mt. Adatara and the beauty of the red autumn leaves.

  • たくまし賞


    Comment from judges

    It is a work which warms one’s heart by conveying the energy of the lion dance (shishi-mai) as well as the feeling of presence.

  • じのもの賞


    Comment from judges

    This works conveys the feeling of the maker’s devotion through the beautifully hung dried persimmons anpogaki.

  • ふれあい賞


    Comment from judges

    It is a beautifully painted work showing an evening sky during autumn, the view of the city of Fukushima and the people enjoying the sight.

  • かわらず賞


    Comment from judges

    It is a brilliant work showing bright red leaves and a traditional Japanese scenery.

Special thanks to T.Fujiwara